Circuit Design
Herb Deutsch Synth Pioneer

The Early Days of Electronic Music

In 1964 Deutsch collaborated on the invention and development of the Moog Synthesizer and composed music for its first live performance with his New York Improvisation Quartet.
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Minimoog Model D
Herb Deutsch Moog To Mac
Herb Deutsch Moog To Mac


To Mac

Explore a collection of Deutsch’s compositions and performances spanning the last 30 years that feature the Moog synthesizer.

Herb Deutsch Composer

This Album is Stunning.

-American Record Guide

Herb Deutsch Encounters
ENCOUNTERS is the result of Deutsch’s focus on composing for chamber ensembles over the past two decades.
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Herb Deutsch Encounters


With over 100 compositions to his credit, Deutsch has composed for a wide range of instruments and ensembles.

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