Featured Interview

Mini Moog With Herb

Herb Deutsch, the co-inventor of the first Moog synthesizer discusses the history and functions of the Mini Moog as well as its impact on the music of the time. Deutsch also plays one of his original jazz fusion pieces.


Herb Deutsch: Electronic Voyager – Extended Interview #1

Michelle Moog-Koussa is on a journey to retrace her father’s footsteps, meeting some of the people who played a role in Bob Moog’s story.


Sub Phatty: Research & Design Phase

Professor Herb Deutsch, synth pioneer and collaborator of Bob Moog, visited the Moog Machine Shop during Moogfest 2012. While here, Professor Deutsch explored Moog’s next generation analog synthesizer, while still in it’s research & design phase.

Herb Deutsch Naam Interview


NAAM: Herb Deutsch Extended Interview

Herb Deutsch sits down for an extended interview to talk about the early days of electronic music and his involvement with the NAAM organization.


From Moog to Mac: A Special Concert by Herb Deutsch

A performance and talk presented on April 15, 2011 at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University.


From Moog to Mac – Herbert Deutsch

Herbert Deutsch shares stories from the making of the Moog synthesizer in 1964 with Robert Moog, and performs some early electronic music selections.


Professor Herb Deutsch-Hofstra University

Hofstra University Professor Herb Deutsch returns after heart surgery to guest lecture his class on the History of Electronic Music and share his first hand experiences co-inventing the Moog Synthesizer.


Herb Deutsch on the birth of the Minimoog

In this video, Herb shares his thoughts on the events that led to the birth of the Minimoog.



Herb was featured in Hans Fjellestad’s 2004 documentary about Bob Moog and the invention of the Moog Synthesizer.